What to Expect on Your First Visit to Okemos Center for Therapy

It is normal to be nervous about your first visit to a therapist’s office. Even people who have been in therapy before may be nervous about talking to a therapist for the first time. The first thing you will see when you enter our office is a quiet, comfortable waiting room. Since you will have already scheduled your appointment in a telephone or email conversation, your therapist is aware of your appointmenttime and will come to the waiting room to find you when that time arrives.

Of course, there will be paperwork to complete! Each therapist handles paperwork in his or her own manner. Some therapists may ask you to arrive a little early to begin filling out the necessary forms they leave for you on the table in the waiting room; other therapists will wait to give you the forms at the beginning of your session. While each therapist’s initial forms and paperwork may vary, in all cases you will need to bring your insurance card (unless you are paying privately) and your driver’s license or other photo ID. The paperwork will ask for your contact information, current medications, illnesses or conditions, and the name of a contact person in the case of an emergency.

Your first session will involve discussing your reasons for seeking treatment, and expectations related to therapy. You should feel free to ask your therapist any questions you have about treatment, including questions about the therapist’s training, orientation, or style. This helps you to decide if this therapist is a good fit for you. If you decide to engage in therapy, your therapist will schedule your next appointment.

We hope this first visit will be the beginning of a therapeutic relationship that can help you achieve your goals and a more fulfilling life situation.